E25: Books and Techie Goodness

McElroy begins reviews with a great book series to encourage boys to read.  Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon, is a funny fiction series that incorporates nonfiction subjects with a nice balance of text and pictures.  In the books, Danny and Wendell have adventures, sometimes get into trouble, and learn new things.

Hauser shares the book, Ten Things We Did (and probably shouldn’t have).  When April’s father and stepmother decide to move to another state, she and her friend Vi make arrangements to live together, without telling their parents.  With total freedom and a lack of parental oversight, things quickly spin out of control.  April learns that a lack of responsibility leads to severe consequences.  This book is highly recommended for a high school collection.

Mauser finishes reviews with the first in a series, Blackbringer.  Magpie Windwitch, granddaughter of the West Wind, is from Dreamdark and not your usual fairy. She travels with a murder of crows and tracks down evils who have escaped their bottles, to recapture them.  This book is recommended for upper elementary through middle school.
In the tech segment, Mauser introduces Evernote, a tool for saving notes, pictures, and things you find on the web, in one place accessible from the web or through and app.

This episode was recorded at Opal Divine’s Marina in North Austin.

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