E60: Doodles, Pants, and Evidence of Things Not Seen

After an autumn hiatus and much reading, the hosts are back and starting 2015 with  Hauser’s  very special guest, Austin-based author Lindsay Lane who discusses her book, Evidence of Things Not Seen.  Ms. Lane describes how the idea for the story came to her, and how her journalism past influenced the creation of the characters within the novel.  Writing about teenagers for teenagers means not shying away from “the tough things”.

Mauser decodes the secret powers within doodling in The Doodle Revolution.   Author Sunni Brown deconstructs the doodle and explains the power in those little gems in your margins or on your coasters. Did you know there was information and artistry in your doodle? Why do we doodle? How does a doodle affect your noodle? Is a doodle just a doodle or is it the beginning of something great?

McElroy giggles her way through Mr. Pants: It’s Go Time.  Join Mr. Pants, Foot Foot, and Grommy as the kitties go back to school shopping for backpacks, visit the Fairy Princess Dream Factory, and get trounced  by their mom at laser tag.  Cute and clever – a graphic novel with something for everyone. Thank goodness author Scott McCormick and illustrator  R.H. Lazzell have a sequel: Mr. Pants: Slacks, Camera Action!