E24: Book Clubs 24/7

Mauser begins reviews this week with Maureen Johnson’s newest, The Name of the Star. Louisiana teen, Rory, has found herself attending boarding school in London as new “Jack the Ripper” type murders are beginning to occur. This book is a fun mystery for middle and high school students.
Hauser reviews the professional title, Teaching as Leadership. This book would be helpful for those looking into alternative certification, but does not offer anything new to the teacher trained in a traditional college of education.
McElroy wraps up the reviews segment with the Newberry Honor book, Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night. Illustrated with beautiful wood block prints, this book of poetry describes nocturnal animals. In addition to the poetry, much of which is concrete, each print also includes nonfiction text about each of the animals.

In the second segment we discuss different ways to organize book clubs.  We have all had inconsistent success with traditional book clubs, but Mauser shares her latest venture, online book clubs.  This format has allowed her students to expand what they are reading by creating discussion forums online for multiple books.